Sweet Release EP

by Earth Lodge

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Sam Pepper
Matt DiCarlo
Aaron Russo


released August 31, 2016

Mixed and Recorded at Evanston S.P.A.C.E by Dan Glomski



all rights reserved


Earth Lodge Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Sweet Release
How are some things able to have such residuous control?
Taking a cheap shot where it concerts the novelty calamities
Eventually it all falls into place anyways
From the concords that implore a satisfying release of relief or release
You got to let me know if I’m just wasting time
cause there is no point in being if it is already conceded

For now the feeling sustains in the poor man's Eco-system
To find the meaning how this existence tends to amaze, to amaze

Different parts decompose at different rates anyways
Except the ones that are specific to the anatomy
For relief, for relief

If you give me an inch I'll take it for miles
If you give me nothing I just fall back into the creative
To kill those, to kill those
Empty spaces
Track Name: Perpetual Chill
I can see
The chills across your skin
Reviving God
To raise the spirits in your rum

Controlling all limbs
There's a new conductor to drive all your sins
Drink this poison
To kill your sight
and morph with the night

I'm going east in your sleep
So I
Can wake you up my dear

Cause my days never change
Just running on the hope passing through my veins

The only time is now
And we're all just
Starting to all fallout
But all these words
Are forming together
to form the love we've heard of
Track Name: Ze Finest
The only way
To age is like a fine wine
In the midst of springtime
Making sure I run
Before I walk
So I can get to the finished line
All scathed up

These limits
Got my sights set aimed
Linear in frame

Artifice put it to rest
But don't let these layers permeate just yet
Let the capillarity
Seep in

The silence
Owns all you see
Even down
To what you truly believe
Making sure I rest
For a few seconds
So I can catch up with the Earth
And replicate the way it's aging

These limits
Only shooting
For ze finest

Artifice of infinite jest
Is there a decent antithetic
cause every time I hear the name
It has me feeling the same
All over
Track Name: Get By
Am I
Meeting the requirements to get by
Putting for my honest efforts
Giving my features a little more texture
And will I
Be able to recognize
That there are some faithful throws
You can't
Shake alone

But it will all pass
Through the carbon dated grains
That makes it easier to be a dreamer
I'll remain that dreamer

So what is it
I have to lose
For the life of me, I haven't a clue
Maybe it's due
To the flow of things
Getting to caught up has only led me away
Engulfing those natural vibes
That operate at uneven frequencies
But individually
They oscillate

Into the unknown
One of the last frontiers to go
Carrying, carrying, carrying
Carrying, carrying, carrying

A heavy heart
Just to get by
Track Name: Grovin' Cadence
Palisades contain
Plethoras of grooves
Collapsing in the presence
Of angles

The gift of grace
Taking all things considered
To tenderly surrender

Sheets overhung
Break it even
Comatose tones
Cut it
Right even
Cut it
Right Even

Becoming groundless
To forgive means not to forget
The elegant cadence unfolding the dimensions
Into the kingdoms

The tangible pays its dues
The tangible becomes infused

Cascades enclave
Lunar phases
Magnifying the fractals
As the tides ripple

Any given interpretation
Worthy of recognition

An epoch's elixir
Trickles to pieces
Oxymoron codons
Scatter upon sequence
The glory
Our Stories

Becoming groundless
To forgive means not to forget
The elegant cadence unfolding the dimensions
Into the kingdoms

It as yours
As much as you can endure

No one says it's easy
Fading into transparency
And these pigments
Are too saturated to simply be nothing
And no matter how much time passes us
We become lighter
Just like the dust